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 Full Recondition
 Ultrasonic cleaning, scrubbing, spin dry, strip shafts, buff stacks, comm cut, balance, new tube
$ 4.25
 Commutator Truing Only
$ 1.75
 Balance Only

— If we have to clean, dye, or strip solder from the shaft to do a proper balance there will be an additional .50 per arm charge.
— Please do not cut the comm's before you send them in to us for balancing or other services. Cut them after they are returned to you and preferably just before you are going to use them so there is minimal oxidation on the copper.

$ 2.75
$ 3.25
 Stack Truing
Per every .005 or less - We have a new stack grinder. Wait till you see the finish on your armatures, ROUND with little or no run out is definetly better !
$ 3.00
 Cap Commutator
We can cap or "ring" your coms... your choice. We have both standard PK style caps or the newer style caps for Koford comms. Recondition included.
$ 10.50
Just tell us what you want
$ .50
 Resistance #'s
Written on the tube / com side

$ 1.75

 Inductance #'s
Written on the tube / gear side

$ 1.75

 Combo #'s
Written on the tube

$ 3.25

 Commutator Timing #'s
Written on the tube / for each of the 3 segments
$ 1.75
 Time Commutator
Time Parma or ProSlot "Chinese" armature
$ 3.00
 Balance Readings
Written on the tube / both comm and gear side
$ .50
 Cobalt or Ceramic Zap
Minimum 2 hits.  We have a high capacity Magnetic Instruments machine. It is the same industrial built equipment that the major cobalt magnet slot car and magnet factories use. We have carefully measured the power to charge the various magnet materials with so the magnets do not loose guass as the field colapses. This machine charges and discharges in milisecond steps to optimize the charge. There is more than clamping or dropping a setup into an inexpensive machine to do the job properly.
$ 2.00
 Gauss Readings
We will give you before and after readings if you request it.
$ 1.75
What is a Full Recondition?
...If we can't improve on the balance of an armature then there is no charge for that work !!!...
  1. First we clean your armatures in the Ultra-Sonic Cleaner.  We use a chemical that does not harm the epoxy, insulation, or any of the armature components.
  2. Next, your arms are scrubbed under clean water to remove anything that the ultrasonic didn't loosen.
  3. Your armatures are then spin dried and the shafts are stripped of solder and the stacks are lightly polished
  4. Time to cut the commutator. We have a custom made production machine that keeps an extremely close tolerance for roundness.
  5. The next major step is to balance the arm. Our spec is lower than anyone we know in the business. We spend the time, have the newest electroninc equipment and of course over 14 years experience. You know who is doing the work - it is me !
  6. Some dye to prevent rusting and a new tube completes the process
  7. Package and Ship your product back to you.  We do this work every day so your reconditioning should be done within 24-48 hours of getting here.  Our standard freight policy Priority Mail.  FedEx services are alos available. FedEx services will be sent signature required. IF YOU WANT INSURANCE PLEASE ASK FOR IT. We will not insure automatically - ask for it if you want it.